Egor Gavrilov & Anna (XDAO)

Based in Moscow, Egor is a co-founder of XDAO and Anna is the CMO. Together, they’re figuring out how to manage money on the blockchain.

Specially investors money. While exploring Web3, they found that there was a gap in financial management tools for DAOs. What was needed was something more advanced than a simple multisig like Gnosis, but less complicated than Aragon. So they built it. XDAO is in the middle - A multichain DAO builder tool for the financial management of funds, NFTs, gaming guilds.

We’ll be talking about that, how their DAO combats voter apathy, the future of crypto regulations in Russia, and a bunch of tother things.

About the Show

Decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs, are all the rage. We’re seeing explosive growth in this sector as people experiment with building companies on top of tokens and smart contracts. If you want to get a better understanding of why this is happening, listen to the people that work, build and invest in them: the members.

Join me on my personal journey of discovery, a series of talks with the Web3 builders about DAOs, Life and everything else.

Graham Spencer

How people share their availability and generate stronger commitments via token staking

Spencer is a product manager for DAOhaus, and a RaidGuild contributor. During his Web3 travels, he's noticed that there are usually 2 kinds of people in DAOs - those that dip their finger in multiple projects, and those who focus on one project only. Now, he's championing incentive based mechanisms that make people share their availability and generate stronger commitments via token staking. That, and he thinks that DAOs can be an answer to climate change.